Let us take care of your business needs.

Our extensive experience in the business world coupled with our diverse range of services can help propel your business from calf to cash-cow.

Think of us as an elite personal trainer or a launch-pad for your business aspirations. We open doors for you to access our extensive network of connections on a global scale and advise you how to extract the full potential from your business or idea.

Coursey & Associates is a rocket-ship for businesses; from business plan to planet business, it’s destination success.

Drawing from an extensive, influential network of connections and clients, Coursey & Associates are able to point a business in the right direction and guide it to its desired heights.

Combining organisational skills with industry know-how, Coursey & Associates are available to mentor ambitious businesses through the exciting but often daunting task of founding, then succeeding.

Starting a new business can be puzzling at times and often it takes the experience of those who have ‘been there, done that’, to truly help a business get off the ground.

With this in mind we offer access to marketing services, graphic design, professional services, venture capital, finding premises and of course, we’ll be there to guide you through.

All discussions are confidential so why not give us a call, this is one rocket-ship you don’t want to miss.

Can Coursey & Associates streamline my  business? Of Course we can!



Annual Returns


Company Formation


General Business Administration


Mobile Shredding Services

(Outside of city limits - actual mileage will be charged)

$35.00 plus Companies Office costs




$25.00 per hour


$30.00 per hour


Health & Safety Plan Development


Health & Safety Auditing


Business Plan Preparation


Business Process Mapping


Organisation Review


Policy Development


Business Risk Assessment


Other Strategic Services



$100.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


$100.00 per hour


$100.00 per hour


Preparation and filing of GST / PAYE returns


Income Tax returns


Accounts payable and/or receivable

(debtors and creditors)


Financial reporting Aged Payables/ Receivables, Profit Loss, Executive Summary and Balance Sheet


Bank reconciliations


Transaction coding


Debtor management




Chart of Accounts Creation


Budget Forecasting


Xero Accounting Starter Package


Xero Accounting Standard Package


Xero Accounting Premium Package



$50.00 per return


Starts at $350.00



$25.00 per hour



$25.00 per hour


$25.00 per hour


$25.00 per hour


$25.00 per hour


$25.00 per hour


$25.00 per hour


$75.00 per hour


$27.50 per month


$55.00 per month


$70.00 per month


$10 per month for 1 employee then $1 per month per employee

Prices Exclude GST

Website Design


Employment Relations

Starts at $1500


$100.00 per hour