The Coursey Group is a diverse collection of companies under the Coursey Group banner.

Each specialised company whether it be transport, computer services or business advisory adds a depth and synergy to the Coursey Group stable to become an ‘all encompassing’ business.

We help clients access our network of talent and expertise thus enabling unbound opportunity for growth and business progression.

Coursey Group aims to welcome clients into the web of business Michael Coursey has established over his 20 year tenure as CEO.

The key vision of Michael Coursey and the Group is to offer a large array of quality services for the benefit of our valuable customers.

We believe passion drives business hence we relish the opportunity to work with passionate people to make great things happen.

Working closely with ANZ we can help organise your banking, our Xero certification allows us to organise your finances and along with 2Degrees, we can solve your communication issues.

We can help across the board, from logistics to IT solutions, our shelves are stacked with every tool you need to reach your goals and we’re just a phone call away.


Let us take care of your business needs.

Our extensive experience in the business world coupled with our diverse range of services can help propel your business from calf to cash-cow.

Think of us as an elite personal trainer or a launch-pad for your business aspirations.

We open doors for you to access our extensive

network of connections on a global scale and advise you how to extract the full potential from your business or idea.

Can Coursey & Associates streamline my  business? Of Course we can!


Let us take care of your cargo by land, air or sea.

Coursey Group has forged a solid working relationship with prominent New Zealand freight companies to deliver a tailored, personal freight service for your business

It’s safe to say, we help keep the supply chain well oiled.

Coursey Transport is a stress free transport service with the class of concierge; contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Can Coursey Transport get my stock moving?

Of Course we can!


Let us take care of your staffing issues.

Struggling to find staff?

You need to fill a role but are unsure of the scope of the job description?

Need training organised and don’t know where to start?

Don’t have the time to do the advertising?

Tired of shifting through all the applications?

Come to Coursey Recruitment and let our team assist you in delivering what's required to meet your staff selection needs. Today’s businesses need to move with the times and get the edge on your competitors to keep your clients happy.


Let us take care of your IT requirements.

IT systems nowadays are often the heart-beat of a business, we keep that heart beating.

Servicing both personal and business needs, CompuBiz has IT doctors on-hand 24/7 to keep your systems healthy and offer hardware, software and network solutions no matter how large or small your requirements are.

Leave it to the professionals.

Can CompuBiz give me the solution I really need for my network and protect it too?

Of Course we can!